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Conical Mosquito Nets

White conical round mosquito net for bed canopy travel netting curtains

Canopy Bed Curtains

Elevate your bedroom ambiance by hanging a bed canopy—an exquisite touch that not only brings luxurious charm but also ensures practical benefits. The flowing fabric creates an elegant cocoon, providing intimacy and shielding from ambient light. Moreover, the canopy doubles as a stylish mosquito protection, transforming your sleep haven into a serene retreat.

Options for Bed Canopies

Explore our diverse selection of round bed canopies, tailored to cater to various bed sizes including double, queen, and king. Delve into the details below to discern the distinctions. Should your interest lie in children's bed canopies, our alternative collection page awaits, showcasing an array of vibrant options adorned with glow-in-the-dark stickers, available in a spectrum of colors.

King Size Canopy Bed

Elevate your sleep sanctuary with our XXL Conical Mosquito Net, specifically designed for king-size beds. This generously sized mosquito net not only adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom but also serves as an effective shield against mosquitoes. Immerse yourself in a beautiful ambiance while ensuring protection from unwanted insects. Both the XXL and XL options are available in timeless Black Canopy Bed and White Canopy Bed colors, catering to your preferences with style and functionality.

Twin and Queen Canopy Bed

For twin and queen bed sizes, we offer versatile options with our XXL Conical Mosquito Net and XL Conical Mosquito Net. The XXL variant, featuring two overlapping openings, seamlessly blends mosquito protection with an aesthetic enhancement for your bedroom. On the other hand, our XL Mosquito Net, with its completely enclosed design and a snug-fit elastic bottom, ensures an impenetrable barrier against mosquitoes, guaranteeing an uninterrupted night's sleep. This unique construction not only minimizes the risk of mosquitoes infiltrating the netting but also positions it as an excellent choice for travel. Choose from our available color options in Black and White.

Our White Mosquito Net for Bed